Dalton, Lacy J.

Website: http://www.lacyjdalton.com

She's one of the most instantly recognizable voices in music - the woman People magazine called "Country's Bonnie Raitt." From the first time Lacy J. Dalton caught the public's ear, that soulful delivery, full of texture and grit, was a mainstay of country music. When you sit down to listen to a Lacy J. Dalton album, you find yourself pulled in by the very power and heart this vocalist, because she's not merely performing a ten-song set, she's bringing each and every tune to life. It's as if they were all especially written for her.

Lacy J. Dalton's music is a product of her wide-ranging musical tastes. She was born in Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania, into a family of music lovers. Her father played a variety of stringed instruments, sang and wrote songs. Her mother played guitar and sang harmony, and her sister was a pianist. Lacy's early influences were the folk and rock sounds of Bob Dylan and Joan Baez. She's always been a writer and artist who loved music with a message, lyrics that somehow brought a new awareness to the listener. She retains this love of material with a purpose, and her song choices reflect that appreciation.

Early in her career, Lacy traveled as much as 300 days a year and was on CBS Record's "most active" list for several years. Since then dates played per year have settled down to the 110 - 120 level. Lacy has played venues ranging from 300 seat clubs to 60,000 seat special events. Generally, the venues Lacy plays consist of County Fairs, special "Fraternal Order of Police" and "Firefighter" benefit shows, rodeos, clubs, and occasionally a support position for major headliners such as Hank Williams, Jr., Charlie Daniels, The Oak Ridge Boys, Merle Haggard, Kenny Rogers, and others. She performs regularly at major showrooms throughout Nevada, Mississippi and the rest of the US.

Since 1980, Lacy has recorded a total of fifteen albums which include three "greatest hits" packages. Nine albums were recorded for CBS Records and Lacy released her fifth album for Liberty Records called "The Best Of Lacy J. Dalton" in April of 1993. Billy Sherrill (George Jones, Tanya Tucker, Tammy Wynette, Willie Nelson, Ray Charles, etc.) produced most of Lacy’s early albums. Her previous four albums have been co-produced by Lacy and Liberty Records president Jimmy Bowen (George Strait, Reba McEntyre, Hank Williams, Jr., Glen Campbell, etc.). Lacy's latest release is her CD entitled "Wild Horse Crossing - Lacy J. Dalton and Friends."

Lacy has had many hit singles including "Crazy Blue Eyes," "Hillbilly Girl With The Blues," "Takin' It Easy," "Dream Baby," "The Heart" and more recently "Black Coffee." Lacy’s biggest hit, "16th Avenue," has just been voted one of Billboard’s top 100 Country hits of all time. Lacy has received numerous gold record awards including one from Willie Nelson for her duet with Willie on his "Half-Nelson" album (she was the only female to appear on this record).

Lacy has been nominated for Best Female Vocalist several times throughout her career and in 1979 won the Academy of Country Music's Best New Female Vocalist award. Her songs have been nominated for Grammy Awards and she has numerous BMI awards for airplay. She has also won Best Country Performer from the Bay Area Music Awards in California three years in a row.

For many years Lacy has enjoyed great popularity and an extremely positive relationship with her fans. She is perceived as an innovative and creative artist with a great deal of real-life experience and an earthy honesty which she brings to her work. The name Lacy J. Dalton in synonymous with quality, originality, and integrity.

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