United States Air Force Band, The

Website: http://www.usafband.com


The United States Air Force Band is the Air Force's premier musical organization. It has endeared itself to millions of listeners for more than 60 years through its exhilarating music, engaging concerts and masterful recordings. Since its formation in 1941, The United States Air Force Band has brought superb music and exciting entertainment to music lovers throughout America and around the globe, earning its reputation as "America's International Musical Ambassadors."

Consisting of eight unique performing ensembles - The Air Force Strings, Airmen of Note, Ceremonial Brass, Concert Band, Diplomats, High Flight, Silver Wings and Singing Sergeants - The Air Force Band performs a broad variety of musical genres from classical and jazz, to country and rock. Flexibility is key to The Air Force Band's success at it strives to provide premier entertainment that satisfies the musical tastes of an increasingly diverse global audience.

Throughout the years, components of the Band have journeyed to Europe, South America, Asia and the Middle East, performing in over 50 countries and 42 world capitals. These international performances have imparted firsthand insight into America's culture and fostered a solid foundation for better understanding among the citizens of the world. Through these and similar efforts, The United States Air Force Band stands as one of the most potent instruments of goodwill at the command of the American people.

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