Cahn, Sammy & Van Heusen, Jimmy

Sammy Cahn (June 18, 1913 January 15, 1993) was an American lyricist, songwriter and musician. He is best known for his romantic lyrics to films and Broadway songs, as well as stand-alone songs premiered by recording companies in the Greater Los Angeles Area. He and his collaborators began a series of hit recordings with Frank Sinatra during the singer's tenure at Capitol Records, but also enjoyed hits with Dean Martin, Doris Day and many others. He played the piano and violin. He won the Academy Award four times for his songs, including the popular song "Three Coins in the Fountain".

Jimmy Van Heusen (January 26, 1913 - February 7, 1990), was an American composer. He wrote songs mainly for films and television (but also for the theater), and won four Academy Awards for Best Original Song, and an Emmy.

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