Perronet, Edward

Born: 1726, Sundridge, Kent, England.
Died: January 2, 1792, Canterbury, Kent, England.
Buried: Canterbury Cathedral, Kent, England.

Perronet, son of an Anglican minister, descended from French Huguenots who fled the continent to escape religious persecution. For a time, Perronet was a coworker of John and Charles Wesley. John Wesley was always trying to get him to preach, but Perronet, though capable, was somewhat in awe of Wesley, and always deferred to him. Any time John Wesley was present, Perronet felt Wesley should do the preaching. But John Wesley was not one to take 'no' for an answer. So, one day, in the middle of a meeting, he simply announced, 'Brother Perronet will now speak.' Thinking quickly, Perronet stood before the large crowd and declared, 'I will now deliver the greatest sermon ever preached on earth' (you can imagine he got everyone’s attention). He then read the Sermon on the Mount, and sat down.

~The Cyber Hymnal -

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